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Please click this link to find all sensors and accessories for the Smart 360 Theft Alert system.

A: Yes, you can use any sim card from any network in the Smart 360 CUBE & PRO, (contract or pay as you go)  (The Smart 360 CUBE & PRO come with a free pay & go simcard)

  • Simply plug into any power bank using the USB cable (supplied in pack)
  • Alternately connect hardwire USB cable (supplied in pack)

A : Yes : Any attempt to peel, drill or force the doors of your van in any way will trigger the system and alert you to this happing in realtime. 

A: Yes all our systems, sensors and accessories are interchangeable and compatible with each other., and you can pair as many as you require.

A: The response time of the Smart 360 CUBE is instant... 130db siren/phone call /SMS text.

A: Yes, the Smart 360 CUBE is a totally wireless system

  • The main unit and wireless sensors have strong magnets for the bulkhead or any metal surface with metal discs to screw onto plyline 
  • The change over can be complete in 5 minutes 

A: Yes, you can have up to 8 numbers assigned to the Smart 360 CUBE & PRO, your chosen numbers can be a mobile or landline.

A: We provide 12 months warranty with all of our products plus free unlimited email support.

For The Smart 360 CUBE Please be sure to update your APP settings to the following : 

Alarm Phone Number : This is the sim card number in the Smart 360 PRO

  • ARM Message : 1234#1
  • DISARM Message : 1234#2

Please note to also save the Sim card number that is in the Smart 360 CUBE to your phone under contacts as "My Van" or anything you would like.