AN electrician who had £1,500 of tools stolen from his van outside IKEA believes the furniture giant needs to be doing more to stop car park crimes.

electrician who had £1,500 of tools stolen from his van outside IKEA

Simon Beisly believes the Bristol store's one-way set up makes it a particular target for thieves as shoppers are guaranteed to be inside the shop for at least five minutes.

The 48-year-old, who has run his own business for more than 10 years, had popped in for some candles when his van was broken into and the tools stolen.

It led to him having to borrow and replace tools while he was working on a home for television programme Grand Designs.

Mr Beisly, from Dursley, said CCTV cameras in the car park did not capture any footage of the theft, leading to his complaint to the Scandinavian chain.

He said the entire contents of his van were taken at around 12.30pm on April 28 and despite an alarm sounding and the lock punched out of the door, there were no witnesses.

"I was then held hostage during the time the thieves took to plunder my vehicle and leave me with no means to earn my living from then on.

"Ikea is the only store I know of that operates in this manner - any other supermarket you can enter and exit from virtually the same part of the building.

"Ikea has a probable five- to seven-minute time to travel from one end to the other, giving ample time for any would-be thief to help themselves to your belongings and make away with the goods."

Mr Beisly said he spoke to a security guard who said there had been an increase in similar incidents lately.