DIY SOS team have £4000 worth of tools stolen whilst helping family in West Bromwich

DIY SOS team have tools stolen whilst helping family in West Bromwich

Seething BBC presenter Nick Knowles has lashed out at thieves who broke into his DIY SOS team’s vans as they were carrying out a life-changing renovation.

An estimated £4,000 worth of tools were stolen in West Bromwich as the team worked on the home of a family who lost their mother to cancer.

Thieves used drills to get into the vans to steal the tools in a crime which a BBC spokesman said ‘took between 10 and 20 seconds’.

Knowles vented on Twitter about the incident, which happened at around 11am on Monday.

He said: ‘Really disappointed, had two volunteer builders’ vans broken into on West Brom SOS – damage to Peugeot rear van door – can local dealer mend?’

He also complained his team would have to pay for security on jobs from now on and also complained that the police had suffered ‘savage cutbacks’.


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