van tools stolen scotland
Andrew McQuater, 22, says thieves snatched away his livelihood when they stole his van with his tools inside.

An Edinburgh man has been left distraught after his van was stolen this week.

Andrew McQuater, 22, woke to find thieves had made off with his work van from Mountcastle Drive North.

van tools stolen scotland

The incident is thought to have happened some time between 10pm on Tuesday night and 7am on Wednesday morning (23-24 June).

Taking to social media, the 22-year-old electrician appealed for information, saying: "My whole life was in that van".

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, Andrew said: "It was my work's van but it was more than that, it was my way of making a living.

"As all my tools are gone I now have to start all over again."

"It was also my space, I designed all of the van and it was a way of dealing with everything that's going on right now - I was midway through completing it.
"I feel so powerless knowing there's nothing I can do", he added.

Andrew estimated the van, including all the additions he made to it and the tools that were inside when it was stolen, amounts to around £11,000.

A Police Scotland spokesperson: “Around 7.40am on Wednesday, 24 June, 2020, officers received report of the theft of a van from Mountcastle Drive North, Edinburgh.

“The incident occurred between 10pm on Tuesday, 23 June, and 7.25am on Wednesday, 24 June. Enquiries are ongoing.”

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