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A HEARTBROKEN builder who “cried” after thousands of pounds worth of tools were stolen from his van says he was one of several to be targeted by thieves.

Andrew Currivan’s black work van was broken into between Sunday night and Monday morning near to the Kirby Cross train station.

The callous crooks made off with a haul of expensive equipment worth more than £3,000, including a variety of hand tools and Makita power drills.

After discovering what had happened and being confronted with his ransacked van, Mr Currivan says he broke down and became emotionally overwhelmed.

van tools stolen uk

“My heart sank, and I cried when I realised what had happened, but luckily most of my other tools were still at a job, so I have not lost everything,” said the 29-year-old.

“But these people are just pure lowlife scum, because they are trying to take a man’s job away from him and I will now have to pay to replace what has been stolen.”

Since publishing his ordeal on social media to raise awareness, at least three other people have confirmed they were also targeted during the overnight spree.

Mr Currivan has reported the incident to Essex Police, but in an email seen by the Gazette the force said there were no “further opportunities for investigation.”

He said: “I know of three other vans that also got done in the same night, but it can happen every night around here, so van crime is definitely on the rise.

“I have already been told by the police the case has been closed. I know there are more important things happening right now, but they have not even looked into it.

“The police need to be doing more about vans being broken into, 100 per cent.”

A spokesman for Essex Police has now said it will consider any new evidence.

He said: "We were called with reports of tools being stolen from a Fiat van in Peake Avenue, Kirby Cross between 3pm on Sunday and 7.50am on Monday

"A Makita saw and drill were among the tools taken from the vehicle.

"Unfortunately, at this stage no suspect has been identified.

"We know thefts from vehicles can be particularly disruptive, especially if the items are used for work purposes. No case is ever closed and should any additional evidence become available we will of course review it.