Thieves caught on CCTV as they steal £10,000 worth of tools from Chelmsford electrician

The two men pinched £10,000 worth of tools

An electrician had £10,000 worth of tools stolen by two "relaxed" thieves who broke into his van while he lay in bed.

The brazen thieves were unwittingly caught on CCTV outside Martin Evenett's Boreham home however, with a six-minute long video clip detailing the entire incident.


Martin, 54, who runs Elite Electrics and has traded for 33 years, said: "They were just so relaxed about it. They weren't rushing around, it was obviously just another job for them.

"There was no nervousness or concern. It's very frustrating, what I would do to them if I could catch them."

The pair turned up outside Martin's home in Boleyn Way in a black Audi A3 shortly after 5.15am on Wednesday, July 27, and had raided his Transit van and left again within half an hour as Martin prepared to get up for work.

Despite alerting Essex Police and supplying them with the CCTV footage of the break-in the married father says he has little from the force.

"I get the distinct feeling that they know they are not going to get the tools back," he added.

"There must be CCTV cameras around Chelmsford and down the A12 for them to track the car but the longer it goes, the less likely I am to get them back.

"It is not exactly a petty crime, with the amount of money we are talking about. They haven't just stolen one tool worth £100, it was a good day's work for them."


Among the tools that went missing were two impact drivers, drills, a Kango hammer, two circular saws, an angle grinder and numerous other bits and pieces from Martin's extensive collection.

"They just pulled in and seemed to target my van," he added.

"They didn't even look at anything else or anyone else's vehicles, they went straight for mine, picked the lock and took everything.

"I want them caught, and I want the police to do everything they can.


"What is annoying is that I was probably awake when it happened, lying in bed thinking 'I've got to get up for work in a minute'.

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