A shocking video has captured the moment brazen thieves were filmed looting a delivery van. The clip shows a cameraman approaching the masked men as they steal dozens of packages from a parked white delivery van in the suburb of Bentley in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

One man, wearing a high visibility yellow jacket and jeans, is shown grabbing parcels from the back of the van before squashing them into the smashed-in rear window of a Ford Mondeo. Another van raider, wearing shorts and a hoodie, is captured going back and forth from the front of the delivery van squeezing in as many items as he can in the bashed-up getaway car.

It is not clear when the incident took place.

The raid comes after footage earlier last month showed the same car being involved in a power tool raid from a van in a village near Doncaster, less than five miles away – and police are linking the incidents. The man who is filming the latest video approaches the looters and can be heard saying ‘I’m calling the cops’, but the brazen thieves appear undeterred as they continue to steal as much as they can. A getaway driver, wearing a grey hoodie, is then shown coming out of the car and running towards the camera, whilst pulling his hood down to cover his face. The footage then goes shaky while the vigilante runs away and shouts of ‘f*** off man can be heard. However, he then runs back towards the trio as they realise they’ve ran out of space in the car for the stolen goods.



The high vis thief then tries in vain to slam shut the door of the overflowing Ford. He then hops into the front passenger seat seconds after his accomplices have squeezed in. The car then speeds off around the corner as the driver brazenly beeps a tune with the car horn. It follows footage of a group of men wearing the same clothes stealing tools from a van in Skellow. A mother on her children’s school run filmed the masked thieves in action before one of them threw an item at her vehicle – smashing her front windscreen.

The video of the delivery van being raided was shared on Facebook last week prompting hundreds of comments from furious viewers. Jessica Taylor wrote: ‘Hope they get caught scumbags. Lazy idle people that steal hardworking peoples belongings. ‘Find these lazy idiots.’ Natalie Edis labelled them ‘Low life scum of Britain. ‘I really hope people start fighting back because there is going to be no joy from the police.’ ‘Delivery drivers need to start carrying mace/pepper spray for defence and steel toe cap boot to boot them where it really hurts.’

John Hemmant said: ‘Done about 50 vans this week. Different village each day and still no police.’ A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: ‘We have received a couple of reports of thefts from motor vehicles in the area over the last few weeks and I’d like to reassure the local community that work is very much ongoing to trace those responsible. ‘We believe the incidents are linked and the offenders have been using a black Ford Mondeo to get around.’ They continued: ‘We are currently pursuing a number of active lines of enquiry and are working with different teams and departments across the force and more widely to detain the offenders as swiftly as possible.




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