Van Alarm Two Sensors for Cab and Back of Van

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 Will it work in my van ?
A: Yes the Smart 360 Theft Alert system will work with any van.van-alarm-security

Professional Protection 24/7 for all light commercial vehicles  

The Smart 360 Theft Alert two sensor pack has everything you need to get up and running. This bundle comes supplied with two sensors, unlimited additional sensors can be added to meet your requirements and are available for purchase separately. 

Theft Alert is a powerful Smart alarm and alert/notification system that uses high-performance components, materials and advanced wireless communications technology and software into a robust intelligent alarm and early warning system. 

How to Install into any size van

How to install the Smart 360 HUB
Place the HUB under a seat compartment or anywhere out of sight
van alarm security

Add as many extra 130db Sirens as you likevan alarm

How to Install the Smart 360 Wireless Sensors One Two or Three sensors for cargo area and front cab (Add as many extra sensors as you like)

Simply install the wireless PIR sensors as shown below to protect the drivers door and the cargo area  (Low battery message to your phone when sensor batteries need replacing 2 years standby)


van alarm security

Once a sensor is triggered in the back of your van or cab area the siren sounds immediately (130db) and will instantly call your mobile phone to alert you that someone is trying to break into your van.

Thieves also target the drivers door 
* Pick the lock * Clone the key * Turn the barrel lock * Screwdriver etc
Any illegal entry of the driver’s door would disable the vans factory fitted alarm which means all of your vans doors are now unlocked.

How to Control,
key fobs supplied or SMS Text message or Android/Apple APP

 van-alarm-security  van-alarm-security


Running cost
We recomend 1p mobile who use the EE Network
All Smart 360 packages come with a free pay & go simcard. 

What's in the pack ?


Included in the pack
1 X Smart 360 Van Theft Alert HUB (S360-H1)
2 X Smart 360 Wireless P.I.R. Sensors (S360-P1)
1 X Smart 360 Siren - (S360-S1)
2 X Smart 360 HUB Remote Key Fob (S360-RC1)
2 X Smart 360 Window Stickers (Smart360-WS)
1 X Smart 360 HUB 12/24V vehicle charger - (Model No. S360-C5)
1 X Smart 360 HUB 12/24V Wiring Fused (S360-W1)
1 X Smart 360 HUB 12V PSU (S360-PSU1)
1 X Free Sim Card (Pay & Go)
1 X Quick Start Setup Guide (ENGLISH)

Smart 360 Wireless P.I.R: Battery Life Standby 2 Years  (replaceable)
Alert Response Time: Within Seconds
Power Requirements: 7.4V - Internal Backup Battery 850mAh (up to 24 Hours)
Working Temperature: -20°C - +60°C
Humidity: 95% (Non Condensation)
Key Fob Battery: 2 - 3 Years
Siren: 130db
Installation Wiring Input: 12/24V Output: 7.4V (Posstive & Negtive)
Dimensions: 14.5 x 8.5 x 21 cm

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