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The Smart 360 Wireless PIR is a durable high-performance Sensor that works with the Smart 360 HUB. When movement is detected it will send a signal to the Smart HUB which will immediately call your mobile phone to alert you of a theft in progress.

Battery Life , Standby is : 1 Year
Transmission Distance:  200 metres

Please Note : The Smart 360 Wireless P.I.R. sensor is Compatible with the Smart 360 GSM Wireless HUB System Click Here

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  • Battery Life , Standby 1 Year (replaceable)
  • Working Current: Static state < 50uA, alarming < 50uA
  • Radio Parameters: Frequency 433MHz
  • Transmission Distance: > 200 metres
  • Detection Angel:  360 degree
  • Coverage Range: 12 metres
  • Temperature Compensation: -10 ~55 Degree Centigrade
  • Size :10 x 4 cm

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