How it works

Will it work with my VAN ?

  • Will the Smart 360  Pro work with my van ? 

  • Yes it will work with any make or model Van

The Smart 360 Pro is our new game changing van security product that we believe is an absolute must have security measure for any company that stores expensive tools and materials in their vehicles. We are very proud and excited to bring this product to market to run alongside our established and very successful original Smart 360 Van Alarm system and we believe it to be unrivalled in this industry.Not only is this product a completely new design from top to bottom but improves on the original systems features and functions while adding some new exciting functionality and features that we believe have never been done before.

  • Gives you a 24/7 security link to your van 

  • 130dB Siren (calls & texts your phone within seconds)

  • Easy to install (wireless no costly installation) 

  • Anti-cloning technology

  • Pay and Go no contract required

  • Works with any sim on any network 

Anti-cloning technology

The Smart 360 Pro also adds an all new high level of security such as Anti-cloning features. When setting up your system you will need to choose a four-digit code, this code is only known to you and the system cannot be enabled or disabled without it, Interaction with the Smart 360 Pro is done via the included Pro Remote Control KeyPad (PRC) this is a industry first if a thief clones your Dealer provided key which enables entry into your vehicle the smart 360 pro will still sound 130 decibel alarm whilst calling and texting your mobile phone immediately.

Control from your mobile

There are three ways to control the Smart360 Pro

  • Smart 360 App avalibe on all Android and Apple devices.

  • Remote KeyPad
  • SMS Text message

How do i install it ? 

  • Will it work with my Van ?

  • Yes it will work with any Van

  • Is it easy to install ?

  • Yes wire free

The Smart 360 Pro is a truly wire free installation. Using powerful magnets just place the Smart 360 Pro HUB anywhere in the vehicle then place the magnetic sensor(s) in the required positions and switch on, that’s it, installation really does take seconds with this fantastic new product.