Smart 360 cube gsm van alarm system (Two Door)

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  • Instant 130db siren !
  • Will call and text your phone instantly !

The Smart 360 CUBE will detect any thieves breaking into your van instantly letting them know they have been detected (130dB Siren) and you will get the head's up instantly with a call and text direct to your mobile phone alerting you giving you a chance to protect your van and its contents

This gives you that precious heads up that can make all the difference when it comes to losing or retaining thousands of pounds worth of your tools & expensive equipment etc.

                          Squeaky clean Dave

van alarm sim card smart360 van alarm system

Easy to Install into any van

• No extra installation costs
• No time off the road
• Install in 5 minutes
• Unbox and simply switch on
• Works with or without a sim card

Installing the CUBE (HUB)
van alarm security system uk

van alarm system GSM smart360 security system

  • Simply plug into any power bank using the USB cable (supplied in pack)
    power bank van alarm
  • Alternately connect hardwire USB cable (supplied in pack).hardwire cable install van alarm

How and where to install sensors

Your Van Alarm CUBE Two Sensors will detect any significant movement from the inside of the van when thieves are attempting to break in from the outside.


  • Heavy rain (will not trigger the alarm)
  • Strong wind (will not trigger the alarm)
  • Cats and birds on the roof (will not trigger the alarm)
  • Loud noise (will not trigger the alarm)
  • Passing traffic (will not trigger the alarm)

  • If a thief tries your door handles this (would trigger the alarm)
  • If a thief smashes a window this (would trigger the alarm)
  • Any tampering on the van doors (would trigger the alarm)
  • Any attempt to peel the doors (would trigger the alarm)
  • Hammer and screwdrivers to the doors (would trigger the alarm)
  • Angle grinder (would trigger the alarm)
  • Crowbar / pry bar (would trigger the alarm)
  • Skelton Key (would trigger the alarm)
  • Any brutal attempt (would trigger the alarm)

    How to Control

    • Key fobs

    • SMS Text

    • Call Voice Prompt

    • Android/Apple APP

               includes free sim card with credit Ready to use out of the box. Alternatively You can use any simcard on pay and go or contract on any network.
    two sensor pack van alarm

    Wireless Sensor : Battery Life Standby 1 Year  (replaceable)
    Alert Response Time: Instant
    Power Requirements: 5V - Internal Backup Battery 500mAh
    Working Temperature: -20°C - +60°C
    Humidity: 95% (Non Condensation)
    Key Fob Battery: 2 - 3 Years (replaceable)
    Siren: 130db
    Installation USB 5v Input: (Any USB port or power bank) or (Hardwire cable included)
    Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 44 mm
    Colour : Black

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