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In the event of an attempted break in on your van the Smart 360 Theft Alert siren will trigger immediately sounding a very loud alarm. In addition, you will receive a phone call within a matter of seconds alerting you to a theft in progress. This gives you that precious heads up that can make all the difference when it comes to losing or retaining thousands of pounds worth of tools & expensive equipment.

Realtime Demonstration

How to install into any van

You will never stop thieves breaking into vans

Below is just one example of many

van alarm

Your Smart 360 PIR sensors will detect any significant movement from inside the van when thieves are attempting to break in from outside

van alarm security
The Smart 360 Theft Alert four sensor pack has everything you need to get up and running. This pack comes supplied with four sensors, unlimited additional sensors can be added to meet your requirements and are available for purchase separately. 

Theft Alert is a powerful Smart alarm and alert/notification system that uses high-performance components, materials and advanced wireless communications technology and software into a robust intelligent alarm and early warning system.

Easy fit wireless sensors
van alarm security system
van alarm security system alarm
van alarm security drivers door alarm

Add as many extra sensors & sirens as you like
Fix to plyline van alarm
Fix to metal van alarm

Mini Wireless PIR Sensor
van alarm security
Small in size 
van alarm
 130db Siren
Mini flashing siren
 Siren extension cablevan_alarm_security Siren splitter cablevan_alarm_siren_splitter_cable_3.5mm


How to Control

van alarm
Android/Apple APPvan-alarm-tool-theft-smart360-van-securitly-systems_vanalarm
Keyfobs or SMS Text messagevan alarm security
Voice Prompt
Simply call the sim number inside the hub and follow the voice prompts
(Choose your own 4 digit PIN on set up)



van alarm security alarms

Included in the pack
1 X Smart 360 Van Theft Alert HUB (S360-H1)
4 X Smart 360 Wireless P.I.R. Sensors (S360-P1)
1 X Smart 360 Power Pack (S360-BP)

1 X Smart 360 Siren - (S360-S1)
1 X Smart 360 Siren Extension Cable (S360-CB1)
2 X Smart 360 HUB Remote Key Fob (S360-RC1)
2 X Smart 360 Stickers (Smart360-WS)
1 X Smart 360 HUB 12/24V vehicle charger - (Model No. S360-C5)
1 X Smart 360 HUB 12/24V Wiring Fused (S360-W1)
1 X Smart 360 Piggyback Fusebox Connector  
1 X Smart 360 HUB 12V PSU (S360-PSU1)
1 X Free Sim Card (Pay & Go)
1 X Quick Start Setup Guide (ENGLISH)
1 X Warranty Certificate

Smart 360 Wireless P.I.R: Battery Life Standby 2 Years  (replaceable)
Alert Response Time: Within Seconds
Power Requirements: 7.4V - Internal Backup Battery 850mAh (up to 24 Hours)
Working Temperature: -20°C - +60°C
Humidity: 95% (Non Condensation)
Key Fob Battery: 2 - 3 Years
Siren: 130db
Installation Wiring Input: 12/24V Output: 7.4V (Posstive & Negtive)
Dimensions: 14.5 x 8.5 x 21 cm

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