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The Smart 360 Wireless Anti Tamper Sensor works with any Smart 360 system and will detect any tampering or forced entry of your van doors

Squeaky Clean Dave www.squeakycleanservices.co.uk  

van alarm system

Simple - Secure - Reliable

No installation required works straight out of the box just plug & play

van wireless vibration anti tamper van alarm security system

How and where to install sensors


When it comes to van security speed matters, The Smart Wireless Anti Tamper Door Sensor response time is INSTANT should there be any tampering of your van doors it will set off a 130db siren and call & text your phone instantly. 

How to Control

  • Key fobs

  • SMS Text

  • Call Voice Prompt

  • Android/Apple APP


  • Heavy rain (will not trigger the alarm)
  • Strong wind (will not trigger the alarm)
  • Cats and birds on the roof (will not trigger the alarm)
  • Loud noise (will not trigger the alarm)
  • Passing traffic (will not trigger the alarm)

  • If a thief tries your door handles this (would trigger the alarm)
  • If a thief smashes a window this (would trigger the alarm)
  • Any tampering on the van doors (would trigger the alarm)
  • Any attempt to peel the doors (would trigger the alarm)
  • Hammer and screwdrivers to the doors (would trigger the alarm)
  • Angle grinder (would trigger the alarm)
  • Crowbar / pry bar (would trigger the alarm)
  • Skelton Key (would trigger the alarm)
  • Any brutal attempt (would trigger the alarm)

The Smart 360 wireless anti tamper sensors will send a signal to the Smart 360 system which will activate the alarm 130db siren and call & text your mobile phone immediately to alert you

(Please note the Smart 360 wireless anti tamper sensors will work with any Smart 360 system)

Unlimited additional sensors and sirens can be added to meet your requirements and are available for purchase separately. Also all of our sensors and hubs are cross compatible. 

Battery Life , Standby is : 1 Year (replaceable)

Fixing : Magnetic

Delivery  United Kingdom & Ireland - Next Day

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  • Battery Life , Standby 1 Year (replaceable)
  • Radio Parameters: Frequency 433MHz - 315MHz
  • Temperature Compensation: -20 ~50 Degree Centigrade
  • Size : 7 x 3.6 x 1.4 cm
  • Weight : 50g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Craig Homer
Alarm you can rely on

I’ve got this product in my van and not once has it let me down. Just arm it and walk away, A few times I forgot to disarm it opened the van door and scared the life out of me split second later my phone is texting and calling me to say the van alarm is going off. Can also say the after service is excellent had a little problem where I forgot the information to arm and disarm from my phone, I sent smart360 a email explaining my issue 10 minutes later I had a call explaining what I needed to do and it’s all back up and running, I will 100% recommend this product to anyone that is after an alarm that you can rely on.

Bob Dale

Great alarm, noisy and very loud Call and Text alert comes through in literally one second, no brainer enough said.

Jake Foster
Fast Alarm

Easy to fit and simple to use fitted to my van last week and caught someone trying to break inn tonight in my opinion this is a must have these days.

J H Johnstone & Sons
Fantastic alarm

This alarm is simple and effective. I purchased this for my van and it was easy to install and set up. I now have 100% piece of mind that knowing it’s alarmed and I can monitor it remotely from my phone.

Lee Harrison
Great product

I have to say I don’t do reviews on anything ever to be honest this piece of kit has been a life saver for me I got my van done over lost all my best and expensive tools since I have had this set up in my van can sleep better at night and couldn’t be happier.

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